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What is Wet Cleaning?

Let's answer the question of what is wet cleaning

It isn’t too uncommon in our line of work to run into people who are unsure about how to best care for their garments. We get it; because truthfully, those little laundry care tags are not the easiest things for most people to interpret. Since we have made it our business to make sure clothing and textiles are well taken care of, we thought that every once in a while, we would do a little bit of decoding and simplifying for you here on the blog. In other words, we want to help to explain what those little symbols mean – and then what to do with your clothing once you know. Today, our sponsor is the letter “W”. More precisely, the letter “W” with a circle around it. We chose this symbol first because, well, because it selfishly ties directly to us and most people wouldn’t even know it. This, friends, is the universal laundry symbol for wet cleaning – which is not, contrary to popular belief, what you are already doing in your home washing machine.

the symbol for wet cleaning is a circle with a w inside of it
Wet cleaning is a method of garment cleaning that is environmentally friendly and safe for your most delicate garments. In fact, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, wet cleaning is the safest professional method for garment cleaning. Using water and non-toxic bio-degradable detergents, it is much gentler than home washing and even gentler than hand-washing. Often those garments that specify “hand wash only” are actually better off being wet cleaned than wrung out in your sink at home!

And the great news is that we aren’t only your friendly neighbourhood Toronto dry cleaners; we are also your friendly neighbourhood Toronto wet cleaners!

The detergents we use in our wet cleaning process are incredibly mild, meaning that they are easy both on your clothes and on the environment. At Parkers, the drying process we use includes special moisture sensitive dryers, making sure your clothes are still soft to the touch and safe for sensitive skin. Depending on the fabric type, special equipment is then used to press and maintain your garment’s original shape.

Now you know that when you see the “W”, you have a more delicate fabric on your hands and there’s no reason to risk it losing its lustre or shape by treating it the wrong way. Bring that “W” to us and we promise your clothing will be kept looking its very best. Find a Parkers location near you or schedule a pickup!

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