December 2, 2014 | Tips & Style

Inspired by: Big, comfy, oversized scarves

This autumn, we have been completely taken by one of this cooler season’s biggest trends: the oversized scarf! While there are many different types of scarves filling boxes in our closets and hanging on hooks behind our doors, the blanket scarf is by and large our new favourite.

Ever since we saw those beautiful Burberry Prorsum scarves draped so casually, but oh-so-perfectly, over the shoulders of each model in the A/W ’14 runway show, we could not wait for the cold to settle in.  And even though you may not be able to snag one of their wonderfully printed scarves for yourself, there are still so many incarnations out there to fall in love with.

What do we love the most? We love that you can belt it into something more sweater-like than scarf-like, that you can wear it like a cape draped over your shoulders, that you can wrap yourself up in it, and that it looks fantastic each and every time!

Who knew that one single (large) scarf could do so much?


Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters

If you ask us, there is nothing else we would rather wrap ourselves in for a lazy Sunday morning or a night out watching a great movie with friends.

Vogue Germany

As an added bonus, when you get caught on a rainy or snowy day and don’t have an umbrella or hat, don’t you worry! Your blanket scarf is suddenly a hood to keep you warm, dry, and fashionable.

Humanoid, Stockholm Street Style

A good scarf will make sure you never have to be left out in the cold again this winter; wrap it up tight or toss it loosely over your shoulders and you’re good to go. Well all know the value of this during our Toronto winters!

In fact, we’re convinced there’s no wrong way to wear the blanket scarf.

The Weekender Travel, Imagine the Swallows


Your scarves don’t just work hard to keep you looking good; they also work incredibly hard to keep you protected in harsher elements. Quite often, people forget that this piece of clothing needs just as much TLC as any other piece of outerwear does – especially considering how close it is to your mouth and nose.

To ensure the best care, bring your scarves (and any other pieces of outerwear you may not have had cleaned in a while) to us this winter. We offer safe, eco-friendly clothing care and know how to work with both natural and synthetic fibres.

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