March 19, 2015 | News & Updates

Spring Cleaning Service Feature: Rug cleaning

Sitting down to write this week’s highlight, there was only one thing on my mind: how dirty my floors were. I tried to ignore them, I really did, but it was no use. So, I got up from the computer and got to work cleaning, only to find that what I assumed would be an easy, five-minute job took me nearly an hour!

In our home, like many others these days, we have a combination of laminate, tiles and rugs underneath our feet. The laminate and the tiles? No problem! A quick sweep and a mop and they look as good as new. The rugs, however? Those are a different story. Somehow, no matter how much they get vacuumed, and regardless of which attachment I use (does anybody else just try all of them until something works?), there is still always something stubbornly left in the pile that I just can’t get.


Even with the recommended vacuuming twice a week, a couple times each year, your rugs likely need something a bit more thorough to get them truly clean and ready for spring. In the old days, people used to take their rugs outside and beat them to get all the dirt out; however, if you’re living in an condo in the middle of the city,  this is a bit of a difficult technique to pull off these days!

Thank goodness there is someone you can call to come and clean your rugs for you! Have you heard about the partnership Parkers has with Yorkville Carpet Care? Not only do we offer you pick-up and delivery for those awfully heavy area rugs you don’t particularly want to pack into your car – or worse yet, onto the subway – but now with Yorkville, we can come and take care of your flooring right then and there! With over 15 years in the carpet care business, Yorkville is well known for its superior service and eco-friendly solutions.

We don’t stop at floors, either. Rugs, drapery, blinds and carpets are all covered within these special home services. So, if you’re anything like I was today and just can’t stop thinking about how dirty your home can get over a few (ok, quite a few) wintery months, give us a call. We’ll set up a time to come to you, bringing the best and most convenient in-home care services!

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