September 3, 2015 | Tips & Style

Autumn Room Refresh

As we start to wrap up summer and look forward to autumn (and all of the cozy time spent indoors), the thought of a room refresh is bright in our minds. The seasons are changing once again and we are aching for something new and lively to change our homes along with them. While we aren’t about to do a total overhaul quite yet, we are excited to make some small changes towards where trends are heading in the next year.

We came across a wonderfully inspiring article over at My Domaine with six themes to keep an eye on as we head towards 2016. There are more than few ways that we can refresh our living spaces, all the while keeping them feeling modern.

And if you’ve grown a bit weary of a stark all-white-everything modern aesthetic, have no fear! Milou Ket shares over at My Domaine that she believes next year’s interiors will “become more individual and cozy and show a warm atmosphere.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are, according to Ket, a few themes we should keep our eyes open for:


My Domaine


We’re going to continue to see a Nordic influence, with light spaces and well-designed furnishings; however, strong natural elements will be key to the look. Keep your eyes open for “natural” colours (e.g., walnut, copper, yellow, off-white, grey) and lots of natural fibres and materials (e.g., wood, paper, hides). These keep a space from looking too stark or cold.


Strategic Pops of Colour:

My Domaine

 Whereas a few years ago, bold statements in bright colours were the way to go, now it’s all about smaller quantities of brights, says Ket. Choose a “less aggressive colour for the rest”, and focus brights in accessories or single pieces of furniture. Keep a watch for colourful textiles, wallpaper and glass or other textured materials.

Bohemian Rhapsody:

My Domaine

This look is tailor-made for the travel-lover. Main influences include places such as Morocco, the Middle East, South America and Asia. Artisanal products will shine in this trend, with craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind design being important key features. Watch out for hand-knotted carpets, hand woven pieces, and colours like: indigo, mustard, amber and brick.

The New Luxe:

My Domaine

This is a trend for those of us a little bored by over-exposed minimalism; it is rich, opulent and luxurious. Gold and copper are still feature accents, but are joined by  other colours such as deep reds, magentas and purples. Pay attention to the materials of your pieces and pair something like velvet or satin with felt, concrete and flannel.

While it is fun to dream about what new pieces to bring into our homes, don’t forget about those beloved pieces that have already found a home with you. It can be easy to neglect our home textiles and as they start to look a little worse for wear, we can start to appreciate them less and less. However, one of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh a room is to simply refresh the textiles in it! If it has been quite a while since having your rug or throw cushions cleaned, give us a call and we will get you well on your way to a fresh room that feels brand new again!

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