January 28, 2016 | Tips & Style

Inspired by: Shibori



As we continue our creep towards spring, we keep looking for quick, simple ways to add a bit of brightness into these wintery days. You know we are all for embracing the season, living in the moment, and trying to appreciate what is in front of us. It’s just that, if we are all honest, there’s only so much winter we can take before the urge for brighter days becomes too strong!

And since we can’t up and leave for warmer places every time we’re chilly, we have to find ways to bring that bright, springtime essence into our lives right here in the GTA.

One of our many internet wanderings brought us to the “trend” section on Etsy.com. In case you have somehow missed out until this very moment on the wonderful world of Etsy, it’s an internet marketplace stocked full with beautiful handmade goods from all over the globe. On this particular day, one of the “trends” was shibori and we knew we had found the bright, sunshine-filled inspiration we had been looking for.

Oh, shibori. Let us count the ways we can bring you home with us!

The word shibori describes the technique of folding and tying fabric before dyeing it, with the earliest examples dating back to 8th century Japan! Traditionally, the dye used was indigo and the tying techniques were specific to each type of material used; the techniques were meant to be in harmony with the textiles.

Today, you can find shibori-inspired patterns on ceramics, bedspreads, pillows, and tea towels, as well as wall hangings, artwork, and yes, clothing. We’re particularly interested in the home goods and textiles we have found with all the beautiful indigo-dyed patterns your heart could desire.


We think shibori is a beautiful way to blend a bohemian aesthetic, especially its laidback attitude, with a minimalist sense of style, with its simplicity of colour and pattern. The depth of the indigo dye keeps this trend from looking like the cheap side of trendy and we love its time-honoured history of harmony.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate this trend into your home – please bear with us, because it has become increasingly obvious as we write this post that shibori pillowcases are our favourite!

How striking is this wall hanging?! That would look amazing at the end of a hallway or the top of a staircase.

For those of us feeling particularly inspired by this technique, why not go all in with a shibori sofa?

Does shibori leave you with a to “dye” for feeling? What has been brightening your days recently? Tweet us @ParkersCleaners with the ways you are beating the winter doldrums with your interior decorating skills! And, if you love the look of indigo, but are nervous about washing anything indigo dyed, rest assured: our professional and eco-friendly clothing care specialists will keep your indigo on your pillows and away from those white sheets they look so nice on.


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