February 11, 2016 | Tips & Style

Red Hot: Valentine’s Day Wedding

Planning a wedding means answering a lot of questions. Anyone who has gone through the process, either for their own nuptials or as emotional support for a friend, knows this all too well. When? Where? What to wear? Who will be there? And, for anyone planning a wedding in the month of February, the biggest question of all: How far should we go with this?

What do we mean by “this”? Well, we mean red and pink, hearts and sparkle. We mean, do you go ahead and fully embrace the idea of a Valentine’s Day wedding?

Of course you do!

There’s no better day to dive head first into the fun and love of love that goes along with Valentine’s Day. Our favourite weddings are the ones full of moments of deep meaning but also full of pure fun – in other words, the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously. And this is what a Valentine’s Day wedding is to us. It grabs hold of the season and unabashedly celebrates it, in all of its romantic glory.

Whether you lean towards the modernist version, full of graphic hearts and bold colour choices, or you prefer a softer, more feminine, version of this romance, there are so many options for you. You could choose to be as obvious in your theme as you want to be, or as subtle as you’d like (maybe so subtle that people even forget what time of year it is). As for us, we are feeling particularly drawn to the fun visuals of hearts we see popping up on invites, fashion, and décor.

Hey, we never said we were understated!

Now, if you’re finding yourself onboard for the theme, but unsure where to begin incorporating Valentine-y elements, we suggest starting with your bridal party. Bridesmaids have, for quite some time now, traditionally been dressed in the “colour” of the wedding. While some brides opt out of this, for the most part, we are still seeing the bridal party more-or-less matching the colours or theme of the wedding as a whole. It’s an easy way to incorporate a Valentine’s theme, or at the very least, give a nod towards the ol’ holiday of love on your big day.

Here are some of the looks we have been finding ourselves inspired by lately (and not all of it is pink!):


Of course you know the best way to keep your dresses looking their best is to clean them the proper way, right? Many bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses are made out of delicate materials that require a bit more TLC than our day-to-day garments do (although*ahem* a lot of our day-to-days need some TLC, too). So, after the big day is done, make sure to bring your dresses to one of our many Parkers clothing care locations in the GTA, and our professional clothing care specialists will return them to you cleaned, pressed, and packaged so they stay looking great for a long time to come.

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