May 26, 2016 | Tips & Style

Destination Wedding Gown Survival

For anyone who has ever had a destination wedding, getting your most precious garment to said destination is somewhat of a stressor. As you watch the airline representative push your suitcase through that mysterious black rubber curtain, you can’t help but picture yourself arriving in Hawaii only to discover that you’ll be getting married in whatever you packed in your carryon.

Walking down the aisle in yoga pants? No, thank you.

So, how do you remove the risk of wedding gown loss or damage? You carry your dress on the plane in a wedding gown Destination Kit.

But getting the gown to the ceremony is only one piece of the puzzle. Here are a few ways for you to make sure that your wedding gown survives a destination wedding.

Destination Kit

As mentioned, we offer a kit designed specifically for wedding gown air travel. It includes a sturdy box for your gown that fits perfectly into an overhead compartment so that you can avoid dirty looks from your fellow passengers or that flight attendant you were really hoping was going to give you some extra snacks. The kit also includes acid-free paper for packing (along with instructions for the flight home), and a stain removal stick just in case. See? We know what we’re talking about.

Clean it ASAP

One of the best parts about a destination wedding is that you can go from wedding to honeymoon in no time flat. If a family member is heading home sooner than you and your new spouse, ask them to take your gown back with them (in its Destination Kit, of course) and pre-schedule a pick up for when they return. If that’s not possible, just make sure that you get your dress to the cleaner as soon as you’re home. The longer stains have to set and/or oxidize, the harder it will be to get rid of them.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Once you’ve seen your freshly cleaned gown and are happy with how it looks, get your wedding gown preserved properly. This should include acid-free boxes, tissue, and body forms. We recommend that you choose a licensed wedding gown preservation specialist who is a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (*ahem* we know someone). Because this isn’t just any dress. It’s your wedding gown.

Now, we don’t usually devote entire blog posts to Parkers Custom Clothing Care services, but it’s the beginning of wedding season and we care too much about your gowns to sit and be silently humble. So, go ahead and plan that destination wedding – just don’t forget these three destination wedding survival tips!

Our Wedding Gowns page has everything you need to know about wedding dress cleaning and preservation. And if you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, check out our Destination Kit.

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