October 20, 2016 | Tips & Style

What to Wear On A Getaway: Men’s Essentials

Now that the fall is in full swing, those of us living in the city tend to start dreaming of far off destinations where we don’t have a schedule to keep and the only time we look at our phones is to check directions to the nearest watering hole. Yes, it’s time for a getaway.

While a getaway is the perfect time to be spontaneous, the one thing that requires a little bit of planning is your wardrobe. Next week, we’ll give the ladies some tips, but this week, it’s all about getaway essentials for the guys.

Tropical Getaway

For those lucky ones able to sneak away for more than a couple of days, head somewhere hot! If you do, make sure that you pack a pair of light pants so that you can still look dressed up for a nice meal out as well as a bright pair of shorts for enjoying a beer on a patio in the sun.


Cottage Getaway

Even though it’s starting to get a little cool out, that doesn’t mean that you can’t head to a local cottage for the weekend and enjoy some peace and quiet. As long as there’s heat, you can still enjoy a relaxing escape from the busyness of Toronto. But if you do, make sure you bring the comfiest jeans you own.


City Getaway

If you just can’t get enough of the city and want to take a quick jaunt down to New York or Chicago, make sure to pack the perfect versatile jacket. Packing lightly is always your friend in a getaway, so we suggest that you bring an amazing leather jacket and call it a day!


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