February 24, 2017 | Tips & Style

Mastering the Window Treatment

Curtains, shades, blinds, dressings, and drapes. These are just some of the ways to treat your windows – we know, there are a lot. But the reason that there are so many treatments is that windows require them! Luckily, designers have taken these handy problem solvers to a level of sheer beauty and have turned them into a treat. We’re partial to anything textile, of course, but we know that there are moments when wooden shutters are the perfect choice too.

There’s an old saying that you can’t serve two masters, but with window treatments, you don’t have to choose. A gorgeous, rich fabric can keep light out of a bedroom, but can also give the space elegance and romance.


In a bedroom, you’re likely looking for something that will allow for privacy and the occasional summer Saturday sleep-in. For this, you’ll need a nice heavy fabric and potentially even double layers. We suggest a sheer layer for some daytime privacy, but then a heavier fabric for when you have your lights on in the evening. If you’re living in the city, this is a must! As a side benefit, heavy fabric window treatments will help with keeping the cold out and the heat in during Toronto winters.


Few things make a home feel more comfortable than the right window dressings. An uber modern space can look instantly more inviting with some soft drapes. Curtains can also be an opportunity to dress your windows seasonally, trading a wintery velvet for something more light and airy in the summer.


Regardless of how you choose to dress your windows, they need to be cleaned regularly to make sure that the fabric isn’t contributing to allergens in your home. Dust can collect and then distribute those particles around the room, causing the air in your home to feel stale. The good news is that you can simply schedule for Parkers to come, pick up all of your window treatments and deliver them back to you all fresh and ready to go. Another option for us to come right to you and clean your window treatments in your home. We use a Host® dry extraction system which is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly, cleaning gently to prolong the life of your textiles.

Pst! We actually offer a variety of in home cleaning services. Check out our In Home Cleaning page to learn more.


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