July 7, 2017 | Tips & Style

Inspired by: Peshtemals

We aren’t strangers to a good textile detail. Heck, we even specialize in making sure that those design details stay the way they were intended by giving them extra care; but this week, we aren’t talking about an applique flower on a wedding gown or an embroidered sundress. We’re talking about a perfect row of fringe bordering combined with hand dyed stripes: peshtemals.

Peshtemals, or Turkish bath towels, are lightweight, 100% cotton towels that are often associated with high end spas, but these days, we’re seeing this fringed look applied to throws, shower curtains, and even window treatments. Even though the towels immediately make us think of a hammam, when a similar design is transferred to a duvet cover, the effect actually ends up looking a little cottage-y (in all the right ways). I suppose bringing a little Turkish bathing to the cottage can’t be a bad thing!

In small doses, peshtemal inspired home textiles have a little gathered fringe border, but in cases like the shower curtain below, the stripes and fringe are amplified, like a giant Turkish bath towel hanging across your shower. Whether it’s a subtle nod or a full on replica, we’re all about the peshtemal trend.


Memorable textiles like Turkish towels or items inspired by the peshtemal design almost always include components requiring special care. For an actual turkish towel, careful home washing and laying flat to dry should do the trick, but peshtemal inspired textiles like duvet covers or window coverings should be cleaned professionally. Learn more about our dry cleaning and custom clothing care services in the GTA!

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