August 22, 2017 | News & Updates

Bring Your Clean Outdoor Rugs Indoors

We’re in no way saying that it’s time to pull the plug on summer, but now is around the time when we start to see more outdoor rugs coming through our doors to be cleaned and we figured that a post about them would be well-timed. Even though there’s some time left on cottage season, with school lurking around the corner, people tend to start tackling their end-of-summer tasks before the end of August. “Clean outdoor rugs” is definitely on that list.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not ready!” feel free to bookmark this blog post and come back, but make sure you do because we have some good news for anyone in love with their outdoor rugs.

Once you’ve cleaned your outdoor rugs of any and all dirt from, well, from it living outdoors, you might actually be able to use it indoors. We know, this sounds ridiculous, but we’re sure that you can think of at least a few places in your home where a super durable rug is necessary. Maybe a mud room? Or a front entrance area? The rugs in these spots in your home are typically up against the same outdoor dirt as they would be if they were hanging out on your front porch, so make them do double duty!

Quickly, here are five places where you would benefit from an outdoor rug.

  1. Craft area
  2. Kitchen
  3. High traffic hallway
  4. Mudroom
  5. Foyer

You can get some pretty durable rugs these days, but we would still rather deal with a finger painting spill on a sturdy outdoor rug than on a plush wool carpet.

Either way, we wouldn’t ask you to deal with cleaning your rugs at all. Those guys are super heavy and a challenge to clean on your own! Send them our way and we will get all of the outdoor dirt off of them so that you can give your rugs a winter life inside. In fact, we’ll even come and get your outdoor rugs at no extra fee so that you don’t need to lug them down to the dry cleaners.

Before we go, here are a few beautiful outdoor rugs we know we could make great use of indoors:

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