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What to Wear to Thanksgiving

The day where we all eat enough to last us until Christmas is right around the corner. You might be packing up your wool socks and heading to your parents’ house or planning your own big soirée. No matter the plans, Thanksgiving requires a little thought in the wardrobe department. Quickly, there are a few variables you’ll want to consider:

  • Am I cooking? If you’re the cook or the host, do yourself a favour and avoid sweaters, otherwise your turkey won’t be the only thing roasting. We suggest doing as much as you can ahead of time (especially the messy stuff) and then changing before everyone arrives. Regardless whether you change or not, stick to light fabrics and layers.
  • Am I new to the family? Err on the side of formal if you’re visiting your significant other’s family this year. Ask them how everyone else usually dresses and then make sure that you’re a polished version of whatever they say.
  • What did I wear last year? You might think that this one seems silly, but it’s the beginning of the season, so you’ll probably throw on your favourite casual dress and tights, not remembering that you wore it last year and those pics are going to be showing up in Facebook memories soon.

To give you some Thanksgiving inspiration, we don’t need to look any further than Instagram. As soon as the leaves start changing, Insta-fashionistas start sporting their Thanksgiving-worthy attire and we take notice.

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After you’ve filled your belly with all of the gravy-soaked turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce you can handle, make sure you schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to come and pick up your Thanksgiving outfit. Even the most careful diners can slip up and find themselves dealing with some brutal stains. Don’t let that thought scare you off of seconds though. Your friendly, neighbourhood dry cleaners have got you covered! Also, if your tablecloth and napkins saw their fair share of the Thanksgiving feast, we can take care of cleaning those too.

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