December 28, 2017 | Tips & Style

Post-Holiday Clean Up

Recently, we’ve been blogging about glamorous winter wedding gowns and gorgeous party outfits, so this week’s topic is a little out of the ordinary: cleaning. We know, cleaning isn’t exactly the most appealing subject, but after all of the family and friends go home and your own house breathes a sigh of relief, it has to be done. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and are looking forward to a happy and prosperous new year!

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3 Ways to Make Post-Holiday Clean Up Easier


Take an extra couple of minutes before you jump into your cleaning and make a plan.  Think about things like peak electricity hours and garbage days and then plan your timing accordingly. Washing all of your white sheets in hot water during the most expensive time of day for electricity usage will make your already high hydro bill a whole lot higher. Keep your garbage and recycling days in mind as well and make sure that you don’t miss them. The holidays tend to throw schedules out of whack, so mark down when your pickup days are and plan well so you’re not stuck with all of that wrapping paper for another week.

Take Advantage of the Chaos

This may seem like a weird tip, but post-holiday clean up is a great time to do some deep cleaning while you’re at it. If you’re already changing sheets on every bed in the house, make sure to vacuum the mattresses as well to help with allergens. While you’re packing up the holiday decorations, organize your closets! If you’re finding space for all of your new gifts, take the time to also purge your home of items you no longer use or enjoy and then sell or donate them. Your home will feel so much fresher as you head into 2018.

Get Help

The holiday season usually includes more table and house linens than rest of the year as well as a greater number of spills. Many of these items can be taken off of your to-do list by simply scheduling for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to come and pick them up at no extra charge. We’ll clean all of your holiday linens and will bring them back to you ready for next year. Instead of spending your last few days off fighting with that cranberry sauce stain, let us do it! Also, if your upholstery, drapes, or carpets could use a cleaning, we will come right to your house and take care of that so you can savour these last few moments of the season.

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