May 23, 2018 | Tips & Style

Light Duvets and Summer Bedrooms

By now, we’re sure that you have been starting to collect inspiration to turn your home from a wintery cocoon into an airy summer getaway. Soon, you may be retiring your heavy throws for something lighter and might even be changing up some of your colour schemes around the house. We fully support this! Changing up textiles is a quick and easy way to take your home out of the winter and into the spring. You might be surprised by how big of a difference it will make when you walk through your front door after work and are greeted by bright fabrics.

Bedrooms tend to have the biggest impact when they have been transformed for the warmer weather. You probably already have to switch out your heavy duvet for a lighter one, so use that as your anchor point and build a new room around it. Waking up to the sun is a significantly different mood than slapping your alarm and looking out at what appears to be the middle of the night. Reward yourself for making it through those short days and embrace the light!

Here are 3 bedrooms that we think illustrate how wonderful summer bedrooms can be.

You can’t go to the cottage every weekend, so for the ones when you’re at home in the city, a bedroom with a little nod to your favourite home away from home helps. Just think of coffee in bed on a Saturday morning with all of that gauzy white fabric around you. To achieve this look, you would really only need to change up your bedding, a few pieces of artwork, and then you could actually create this temporary canopy if you’d like to. If adding a new fabric canopy feels like a lot of work, consider using nice, light, white window treatments in the summer to let light in and achieve a similar effect.

This is a subtle transformation you can easily apply to your bedroom in a single weekend. They’ve swapped a heavy duvet out and replaced it with a light comforter (and an extra blanket for chillier nights) and then added spring green elements to finish the look. The change isn’t as dramatic, but it certainly doesn’t feel wintery.

Take on the minimalist trend this spring! Plants housed in baskets, lots of white, and strategic mirrors will give your room a summery minimalism and the big bonus is that you won’t need to collect a ton of stuff to do it.

Before you pack away your heavy duvets or blankets, make sure you have them professionally cleaned. Storing unclean bedding (even if it looks clean) can damage the fabric and you might even bring them out next year to discover that invisible stains have become a whole lot more visible over time. Schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to come and pick up your bedding for dry cleaning. The pickup and delivery won’t even cost you any extra!


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