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What to wear on an airplane in the summer

Judging by what everyone is blogging, pinning, and Instagramming right now, we are convinced that the entire city of Toronto has the travel bug. Road trips down the California coast, weekend jaunts to New York, or even full blown European vacations are popping up and making us super jealous. As clothing care specialists, we automatically think about what we would wear on each of these adventures and follow along with their outfits of the day, debating whether they have on too many layers or whether their shoes were the best choice for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We know, we are ridiculous, but what you wear while you’re travelling has a great impact on the success of the day.

This is never more true than during the actual day of travel, especially when there are airplanes involved.

Summer tends to be a tricky time to take a flight because you will likely want to be in summer gear both before and after getting on the plane, but you never know whether you’re going to be on a plane with an overzealous air conditioner or will be stuck in a stuffy cabin, sitting on the tarmac.

We can help you with this!

Let’s start with the guys. Men, travelling on an airplane in the summer is made a lot nicer with:

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  • A pair of sneakers (you can loosen the laces and be comfortable if your feet swell)
  • A t-shirt (if your plane is hot, you’ll be fine)
  • A nice pair of jeans (comfortable shouldn’t be sloppy, even when travelling)
  • A hoodie or pullover (be cozy for that in-flight nap)
  • A hat (no one wants to deal with post-flight hair)

Ladies, your best airplane outfit is shockingly similar, but you have a few more options, as usual:

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  • A pair of sneakers or flats (heels are wonderful, but not while waiting in a customs line)
  • A t-shirt or tank (layers, people!)
  • Jeans or a maxi or loose pants (the key is to avoid something super tight)
  • A light sweater or jacket (bonus points for pockets)

It’s pretty simple, right? Layers always help, but keep comfort and breathability in mind with every choice. The last thing you want is to find yourself with a long layover and skinny jeans with no give in them. Even if your actual flight is short, you need to plan for delays and keep it comfy.

Once you’re back from all of your travels, schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to come and pick up all of your well-travelled clothing to clean. Pick-up and delivery are free services at Parkers, so take advantage!

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