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Our favourite swimsuit coverups for summer

Unless you had a chance to escape to warmer pastures during Toronto’s winter months, you’ve probably been craving this sun-soaked weather as much as we have! Summer in Toronto means flocking to patios, taking over the parks, setting up shop near any pool you have access to, and getting settled on one of the few available slivers of Toronto city beaches. Of course, summer can also make you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city — and what’s more relaxing than a tropical escapade?

Whether you’re hitting up Toronto’s summertime hot spots or taking your beach style game on the road, there are a million different ways to look stylish (and functional!) on, in, or near the water. Swimsuit coverups are the key to making the most of those longest days of the year and soaking up every bit of summer you can.

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Why would you want to cover up?

Sun protection is a big one! If you’re at all fair-skinned, lathering sunscreen is step one, but having a breezy layer to pop on over your bikini or one-piece can really take the edge off of the hottest time of the day (or you might just want some extra cover for a stroll over to the ice cream truck). A light coverup will also cut the evening chill and buy you some extra time by the pool or on the beach. Living in Toronto, you quickly learn to take in as much summer as you can while you can.

Sarongs are the great multi-taskers of the coverup world, making a perfect skirt, dress, or shawl, depending on how you tie them. They’re also a fab way to add some color or pattern to a monochrome swimsuit.

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Who doesn’t feel glam in a kaftan? In the blink of an eye, add some relaxed pizzazz to your look, transforming you instantly into a lounging goddess. As a side note, if your coverup has gorgeous embroidery like this, make sure you have it professionally cleaned (we can help!). Details like these need expert care.

Throwing on the right coverup can easily take you from pool-to-patio, beach-to-city, or day-to-night. That means you don’t have to run home or even pop into a changing room. A cute dress or romper over your bathing suit, a few accessories, and a pair of wedge sandals can take your beach look straight into city exploring, evening drinks, or a night on the town.

Don’t forget that summer will probably wreak some havoc on your clothing. Between high-humidity sweating and layers of protective sunblock, fabrics can end up a little worse for the wear — particularly those pieces you like to wear over and over again. Get in touch to get some special treatment for your organic materials, like cotton, linen, and silk blends, and have your favourite garments looking their best all summer long.

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