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Down Winter Jackets

If you’re living in Toronto (or really, most other Canadian cities), you know that it gets downright cold here. In fact, the cold lasts about three months longer than any of us are okay with, but alas, we will deal with it.


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One of the ways that Canadians embrace the cold is by investing in serious winter coats. We’re talking about the kinds of coats that set you back a few bucks, but that are worth their weight in gold when you’re standing on King Street and praying that the streetcar you can see three blocks away will get to you within the hour.

We’re shivering just thinking about that all-too-common Toronto experience.

Some coats are just worth spending a little extra on. And if you want our opinion, warm down coats fall into this category. Now, if you’re willing to drop the cash for a beautiful winter coat, we suggest that you make sure that you’re taking proper care of it.

3 Quick Tips For Caring for Down Jackets

1. Read the fine print. Some brands, like Canada Goose, will offer a warranty on their coats, but there are often limitations when it comes to how you care for your jacket, so you’ll want to read the fine print. For example, throwing your jacket into your home washing machine will usually void its warranty, so it’s best to send your down jacket to the dry cleaner.

2. Give it some breathing room. Down jackets, especially performance ones, can often squeeze into small spaces for travel, but you’ll want to give them some space whenever possible. If you’re storing your down jacket, hang it so that you don’t lose any loft. This will ensure that your down maintains its effectiveness in keeping you warm (which is kind of the point).

3. Take proper care of fur. If your jacket has any fur, you’ll absolutely want to have your jacket professionally cleaned to maintain the fur’s softness and prevent matting. In the meantime, use a fur brush to loosen any debris and resist the urge to give your hair one final spray while you have your jacket on and are heading out the door. Hair products can have oil in them, which will ultimately cause your fur to start to smell.

At Parkers, we specialize in cleaning Canada Goose, Moncler, or other down jackets so you can trust that the jacket you can’t survive winter without will survive its cleaning. Schedule for us to come and pick up your winter coat at no extra cost!


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