December 19, 2018 | News & Updates

Inspired by: Home for the Holidays

Ah, the holiday season is upon us, a time when life slows down and people start tying up loose ends before the end of the year. There are more parties to attend, more fires to sit beside, and more wassail to enjoy beside those fires. We find ourselves inviting friends and family into our homes more often than other times throughout the year and our houses play host to everything from cozy wine tastings to big holiday celebrations.

On the odd night, when we don’t have a holiday commitment, we seem to find excuses to indulge ourselves in a cheesy holiday movie (the more cringe-worthy, the better). We’ve learned that the product of this kind of movie night is that we become obsessed with classic holiday homes. You know the ones we mean, right? Big wreaths on the front door, wool blankets galore, and a brick chimney fit for Santa. It’s the kind of house that anyone would want to come home for the holidays to!

Because we’ve watched more than our fair share of these holiday movies, we’ve learned that there are some simple ways you can make your own home holiday-movie ready.

3 Ways to transform your home for the holidays


Every good holiday home is adorned with lights, of course, but the wow factor comes from green boughs hung on any and every space possible. Bringing an evergreen forest inside immediately creates a holiday feel (and smell!).


As we’ve already mentioned, a great, big wreath is a must-have for a “home for the holidays” house. Any kind will do, but we are partial to fresh wreaths so that your guests will get a taste of your indoor décor as soon as they step up to your front door.

Cozy textiles

Your goal should be to create a space where guests feel like they could curl up with a hot toddy and chat for hours. The key to achieving this atmosphere is textiles, and lots of them. Warm throw blankets can be draped over chairs and couches, ready to be pulled over laps on chilly evenings.


If you need some help with your cozy textiles after the holidays, make sure you schedule for Parkers Custom Clothing Care to pick up your home textiles for cleaning. We’ll return them ready for the next holiday movie marathon!

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