February 27, 2019 | Tips & Style

Simple Home Luxuries

I think if we were honest with ourselves, we all like the finer things in life – no matter how simple. A perfectly crafted warm beverage to sip on while you work, the feeling of a cashmere sweater when you get dressed in the morning, or lighting a handmade candle while you draw a bath. All luxuries are appreciated, but if we had to choose, we would spend money on items that make our homes feel just that extra bit more wonderful.

A white jug vase filled with pink tulips

5 Simple Luxuries to Brighten Your Home

Fresh Flowers

Having something new and alive featured prominently in your home is a sure fire way to brighten your mood whenever you walk in the room. If you’re feeling really fancy, we suggest fresh flowers in your kitchen/dining room, living room, and bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to get out of bed when you’re staring at some peonies? If this is out of your budget, the kitchen is a great starting point. You spend a lot of your day in there and it tends to feel the most hectic, so a little floral calm will be appreciated.

Luxe Throws

Everyone needs a throw blanket that makes them feel like they are curling up at a really expensive hotel. In fact, we think you need a couple. We’re talking about something so soft that you wish you could have yourself an entire muumuu made out of it and never take it off.

High-End Pillows + Linens

Considering that you rest your head on your pillow and lie in your sheets every night, we think you should buy yourself the most luxurious pillows and sheets you can afford (and then take proper care of them). A lumpy pillow and scratchy sheets don’t make you feel great as you start or end your day, do they? We know, you probably don’t need another reason to want to stay in bed in February, but nice pillows and linens are still a good idea.

Good Quality Candles

Whether you’re hosting a book club or your own personal Netflix marathon, having lit candles around the house add instant comfort. Good quality candles burn longer, smell better, and often look nicer around the house, so splurge on the good stuff.

Plush Towels

Want to feel like your tiny condo bathroom is an elegant spa? Buy some plush towels. It’s as easy as that. Even though you’re probably jumping out of the shower and rushing to get ready for work, super soft towels will be a small moment of luxury in the middle of your busy morning. Add a diffuser with eucalyptus to your bathroom and you’re really in for a treat.

As with anything you spend your hard earned money on, you want it to last and you want to keep each item clean. When it comes to textiles, we can help! Parkers will happily come to your house and pick up your favourite home luxuries and then return them looking and smelling like new. We won’t even charge you for the pick up and drop off! Check out our dry cleaning services to learn all about what we clean and how we do it.

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