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Men’s fashion: the perfect dress shirt

Is there any item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe more versatile than a dress shirt? A perfectly tailored shirt is a closet staple that can take you from the office to a wedding to a date night to a casual cool daytime look. The key to switching up your dress shirt style? It’s all in the details.

Of course, this isn’t our first time digging into dress shirts. We’ve shared blog posts in the past all about the perfect fit (SO important) and some major tips about clothing care for dress shirts. Take a look back at those posts for more practical info, then stick around here for some of our favourite dress shirt styles and tips.

It’s undeniable that a dress shirt is an essential element of a sharply dressed suit. Add a tie or bow tie, keep your shirt tucked, and go show everyone who’s the style boss. The most classic dress shirts will be white, light blue, or have a subtle pinstripe. You might even be able to get away with a light check or plaid if you’re feeling funky.

How to dress down your dress shirt

At the same time, it’s super easy to change your formal office look to a more chilled out style by simply ditching the tie, unbuttoning a few buttons, rolling your sleeves, and/or untucking your shirt (but maybe don’t untuck your shirt on the go unless you want to look extremely wrinkled). You can even go with a fully unbuttoned dress shirt over a t-shirt or tank. Any of those quick style tweaks will give your outfit some instant springtime cool. Pair your classic shirt with jeans for a more casual look or stick with dress pants and a belt to keep things a little more sleek.

A classic dress shirt can also take a preppy-chic turn when it’s worn under a cardigan or knit sweater. Just that hint of a shirt collar peeking out from the sweater’s neckline is enough to give a casual outfit a sophisticated look.

Boldly style your dress shirts and make a statement

What if you want to get a little more playful? Steer clear of those classic colours or office-safe patterns and instead opt for bright, unexpected hues or bold fashion patterns. Think florals, polka dots, penguins, dinosaurs, or even pizza slices (seriously, there are so many options). How about accessorizing with suspenders, layering a suit vest over your dress shirt, or even changing into a short-sleeved shirt? Those moves will inject any dress shirt look with fun retro vibes.

That’s more than enough words for now — take a scroll through some amazing dress shirts on some fashion savvy gents for your own menswear style inspiration:


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As clothing care experts, we understand that excellent fit is essential to the perfect dress shirt. Even the most high-quality shirts benefit from a few smart tailoring fixes, so reach out to Parkers and we’ll make your wardrobe really work for you.

Of course, you also want to protect your garment investments with the very best custom care. We wash all shirts using special detergent at cool temperatures to minimize shrinkage. Your shirts are then returned to you either on special shirt hangers or folded with recycled tissue paper in reusable bags, depending on your preference. It’s our way of making sure that the people of Toronto look their best at all times!


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