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(Re)Love your wardrobe

We’ve all been there: staring at a whole closet full of clothes and still feeling like you have nothing to wear, completely bored with the options in front of you. Retail therapy is a possible solution, but that approach can be heavy on your budget — and it’s not a great move when it comes to sustainability. Luckily, the beginning of a new season is the very best time to shop your closet and rediscover some forgotten favourites and hidden gems. It’s a frugal solution and an easy way towards a mindful wardrobe.

To ring in the beginning of summer, we’ve gathered a laundry load of great tips to help you fall back in love with the clothes you already own and curate a collection of garments that make you feel like a million bucks.

Step 1: Make some room

This step is going to seem counterintuitive, but seriously, get rid of a few things. Having a closet that’s not super cramped and overloaded is going to showcase the pieces you like the most. Own any items that are ill-fitting, don’t match anything else you own, are out of season, or make you feel uncomfortable? Simply let them go.

If you’re not ready to go full Marie Kondo, a great question to ask yourself is, “Would I buy this again today?” Keep only garments that make you feel confident and completely yourself.

Pieces that are still in good shape:

  • Give to friends
  • Take to a clothing swap
  • Drop off at a thrift store or consignment store
  • Donate to a local charity

Pieces that are out of season:

  • Move to the back of the closet or pack away completely so you can better see all the items you could be wearing right now

Pieces that are very worn:

  • Give to kids as dress-up clothing
  • Cut into rags for some hardcore cleaning action
  • Recycle (check out local programs or drop off at your nearest H&M)

Step 2: Try new pairings

Now that you’re left with only items you really love, it’s time to get creative! Invite a friend or two over and stage an epic Sex and the City-style makeover montage. Mix and match pieces you would never think to pair together — your friends might be of help here! Try cute tops worn over long dresses, pair band tees with maxi skirts, match pieces in the same colour palette, but with contrasting prints.

Do you own a suit? Treat each piece as separates by wearing the pants or skirt with a delicate blouse or by using the jacket as a blazer to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans look.

If you need some motivation, make it a social media challenge! Post your new outfit creations and rediscovered style gems on Instagram with your own hashtag. You might inspire someone else to try the same and you’ll be able to use the new outfits as inspiration the next time you find yourself in a style rut! You can easily review what worked, what didn’t, and even what might be missing from your collection.

Step 3: Find out what’s missing

Wear your new styles for a few weeks and you’ll soon discover which key items are still missing from your wardrobe. This will help you create a simple shopping list of only the pieces you really need. When buying new clothing, keep in mind how each garment will interact with the collection you already own. It’s a great way to stay on track and not get distracted by fast fashion trends.

Invest in quality here. Now that you know exactly what you need, you can spend a little more on these select pieces you know you’ll get lots of use out of and will last with proper care.

Step 4: Some quick fixes

In order to love what you own, you need to be able to wear it! Make sure every piece you might want to wear is actually accessible to you. We all have items we love, but for one reason or another, we can’t wear them (usually because a button has fallen off or a hem is too long). Now is a great time to have these items taken care of and as your neighbourhood clothing care specialists, we can help!

  • Dry clean that stained dress that has been sitting at the back of the closet or the bottom of the hamper. 
  • Get that pair of pants altered. They’ve been too long since you bought them and you know it. 
  • Get that blouse tailored. A custom fit is always worth it and it looks super professional.
  • Iron that top. Seriously, a clean, crisp finish can change your whole look!
  • Have that button sewn on and that dropped hem fixed. Seize the day!

Still not quite sure how to get started? These stylish folks will show you the way with their own #ShopYourCloset looks:


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