November 5, 2019 | Tips & Style

4 Habits to Help Keep Your Carpet Clean

It might be one of the more frustrating cleaning chores in your home. No matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean, there always seems to be a new stain or mark. But a clean carpet makes a huge difference to how the entire room looks, feels and, yes, smells.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

If you get into these cleaning habits, it will become far easier to keep your carpets and home looking clean and fresh.

  1. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner – You’re right, this isn’t a habit. But, considering the vacuum cleaner is the single most important tool for keeping carpets and area rugs clean, it’s the best place to start. If you’re not convinced, better vacuums not only last longer, they actually make vacuuming easier by reducing how many times you need to keep going over an area to get all the dirt.
  2. Vacuum Regularly – This might sound obvious, but it’s more important than you think. The sooner you get rid of dust and dirt, the less chance it has of settling in and giving your carpets that dull, lifeless look that you don’t notice until you visit the neighbours. While it sounds like double the work, vacuuming twice a week will not take that much more time, but will keep your carpets looking cleaner and brighter.
  3. Treat Stains Right Away – Just blotting up a spill doesn’t clean it. As soon as the spill happens, remove the excess liquid or solids with a dry cloth or paper towels. Use a commercial stain cleaning product or make your own cleaning solution with a few drops of dish detergent in warm water. Dampen a clean cloth and blot the area to remove the stain. Don’t scrub as that can force the stain deeper into the carpet. Club soda works well for quickly treating wine and beer spills.
  4. Get a Professional Cleaning – At least once a year you should get all your carpets professionally cleaned. Professional deep cleaning does not use water or steam which can actually trap dirt and debris in your carpet and push it down further into the fibres. Your carpets will not only look clean on the surface, but they’ll also be clean throughout. And you won’t have to worry about walking on damp carpets.

Check out our In-home Cleaning Services that include deep carpet cleaning. We’ll even treat your carpet with fibre protection to keep it cleaner, for longer.

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