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Why You Need Wool Blanket Dry Cleaning & Restoration

If there is one item that you can find in more Canadian homes than any other, coast to coast to coast, in condos and cabins, houses and apartments, it’s a wool blanket. They keep us cozy on chilly winter nights, cover us during our couch naps, and decorate the easy chair.

As if that’s not reason enough for you to need wool blanket dry cleaning and restoration services, there’s a good chance that someone you know, someone near and dear, made that blanket with their own hands.

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A Wool Blanket Restoration Story

We offer a lot of different clothing care and cleaning services here at Parkers. So, many of our customers come to us when they have nowhere else to turn. That was the case recently when one of our regular customers came to us with a wool blanket made over 100 years ago by their Great Grandmother. 

The colours were still beautiful, bright and crisp. Grandmother had an eye for coordinating colours too, with a perfect balance of reds, golds and blues. 

As many a wool blanket owner will attest, their pets love the blankets as much as anyone. Unfortunately, the blanket of our story fell victim to some canine play. Many of the rosettes Grandma knitted into the blanket so long ago had become undone, and the wool was missing.

Fortunately, our in-house tailors, who manage our luxury tailoring service, know their way around knitted blankets too. They were able to restore Grandma’s blanket to its former glory, matching colour and stitch so well, you can hardly tell the restoration from the original work!

“I am extremely satisfied with my service at Parkers and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to repair and restore their valuable garments. Recently, I noticed a family heirloom blanket given to me by my grandmother had been damaged by my foster dogs, and I immediately contacted them to see if they could help me repair it.

The blanket was picked up, and I was reassured that it was in good hands.  When my blanket was returned to me, I was overjoyed with happiness with how it turned out. I have never written a review before, but this time I had to.

Thank you Parkers and Fernanda, the seamstress that works at Parkers, for bringing my grandmother’s blanket back to me, and for always going above and beyond to provide such detail and care to all of my belongings.”
Grace P.
Toronto, ON

Why Dry Clean a Wool Blanket?  

Whether it’s a 100-year-old family heirloom, or just your favourite, properly cleaning it can help it last. But, for a number of reasons, choosing a dry cleaning service is the best way you can give your wool blanket the love and care it needs.

  1. Don’t Use Your Washing Machine & Dryer

Even if you use the gentle cycle, cold water, it’s not a good idea to wash a wool blanket in the washing machine. Machine washing and drying weaken the wool fibres, and that can lead to the same sort of damage that we needed to repair in Grandma’s blanket.

You can spot clean a wool blanket with a very mild detergent and cold water. Soak the area that’s soiled, blot it with a clean cloth and let it air dry the rest of the way.

  1. Dry Cleaning Won’t Shrink the Blanket

There are not many things worse than getting all ready to snuggle into your blanket and it won’t even wrap all the way around you!

  1. Dry Cleaning Gets Your Blanket Cleaner

First, your blanket is probably dirtier than you think. All that snuggling leaves dead skin and skin oils on your blanket. That attracts dust mites and dirt, even if you don’t see them.

Also, especially with larger blankets, your washing machine isn’t strong enough to clean it the way it cleans your clothes. Even the rinse cycle can have a tough time getting rid of the dirty water.

Summer’s a great time to give your wool blankets, and all your blankets and duvets, the love and care that Grandma would appreciate. Let our experienced dry cleaning technicians carefully clean them so they are as fluffy and soft as ever.

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