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4 Benefits of Wet Cleaning Bedding

December 14, 2022

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Have you ever thought about bringing your comforter, duvet cover, or blankets to the dry cleaner? Well, it is worth your while. Your bedding is just as important to clean as your clothing. And, having clean bedding can help promote better sleeping patterns. Plus, who doesn’t want to go to bed in freshly washed sheets?

Let’s go over four benefits of wet cleaning bedding.

Deep Clean

Your washing machine can leave your bedding smelling fresh. But, there may be certain things it cannot remove. Besides any surface dirt or stains, your bedding may hold dead skin cells, oils, and/or dust mites. These can make their way deep into the fabric, which makes it very challenging for a washing machine to remove. Wet cleaning chemicals and equipment work deeply into the fabric, removing any lingering dirt or skin cells. We also have a large drape press that requires minimal handling of bedding.

No More Lumps

If you have ever put a comforter or blanket into a standard-sized washing machine or dryer, you may notice they come out lumpy. This is because the bedding is tossed around and around during the cycle. Once these lumps have formed, they tend to become permanent. And, your comforter or blanket probably won’t look the same after. Dry cleaning does not use spin cycles and will clean your bedding delicately, leaving it lump-free.

Prevent Discolouration

Usually, after you put your bedding through the washing machine a few times, it can start to lose its colour. And, you may end up replacing your bedding as a result. Wet cleaning chemicals work to protect and preserve your bedding’s colour, so it lasts longer.

Protect Your Washing Machine

Unless you have a very large washing machine and dryer, it can be hard to stuff your comforter or blanket into them. If you do manage to fit them inside, they can damage the machine. Any loads that are too big can throw off the the balance of the machine, possibly leading to a break down.

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