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Baseball Cap Cleaning – Before & After

April 24, 2023

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Our love affair with a favourite baseball cap is far more complicated than most people think. Becoming the favourite isn’t easy. Starting with just the right fit, there’s a long list of criteria that must be met. These include having the right colour(s), getting the perfect shape for the peak, featuring logos and graphics that align with the wearer’s personality, and sitting on your head just right, no matter if you wear it peak forward, peak backward, or freestyle.

But, having a favourite ball cap isn’t without its problems. Most people have several baseball caps, but they will wear their favourites almost all the time. That means the caps you love the most get dirty –  and smelly – faster.

Of course, you’d like to wash your cap to keep it always looking its best. But, if you’ve tried washing a ball cap in a regular washing machine and dryer, you know the sorts of damage that can happen. All the things we listed above that make your favourite cap what it is – its colour, the shape of its brim, its perfect fit – can be ruined for good by washers and driers.

That’s why you see so many people wearing dirty ball caps. Those hats are their favourites and they’re worried that if they wash them, the hat will never be the same.

Custom Cleaning for Baseball Caps – The Before and After Pictures

Fortunately, for baseball cap lovers everywhere, Parkers Custom Clothing Care service can treat your ball hat with the professional care, attention and detail that you would give it if you could.

Peak Protection

We take the time to ensure that the shape of your hat’s brim remains just how you like it.

The Perfect Fit

Our custom process ensures that your hat will not shrink.

Bright and Fresh Smelling

Your cap’s colours will be as vibrant as ever, and you’ll love the clean fresh smell.

Spot Cleaning Too

If your cap has a particularly difficult stain or mark, our specialized spot-cleaning services will get rid of it for you.

Check Out the Before & After Photos

Take a look and these before and after shots of some recent baseball cap cleaning we did to see the sort of results you can get from Parkers Custom Clothing Care.



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