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Should You Dry Clean Your Duvet Insert?

January 23, 2023

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Your duvet insert helps to bring you the comfort and warmth you need when going to sleep. They come in various sizes and their thickness varies depending on what you prefer. Some also have cooling or heating effects, keeping you at your desired sleeping temperature throughout the night. But, over time, they can get dirty and accumulate bacteria. Before you throw it into your washing machine, you should consider dry cleaning it.

Here are the benefits of dry cleaning your duvet insert.

Gets Rid Of Lingering Bacteria

Although you can’t see it, your body’s dead skin cells are left on your sheets, duvet cover, and even your duvet insert. Considering you may clean your sheets, duvet cover, and pillow cases once a week or every other week, you are forgetting about the amount of bacteria built up on your duvet cover. And, dead skin cells can only be killed at very high temperatures that washing machines don’t reach.

Prevent Damage

Your washing machines may be able to wash your clothes, but, can’t always wash your duvet insert. This is simply due to the size and thickness of them. They are hard to compress and you may end up trying to shove it into the machine. However, this can damage your machine and even damage your duvet insert. Dry cleaning facilities have much larger machines that are used for bigger items, like duvet inserts.

Avoid Shrinkage

Even if you are able to fit your duvet insert into your washing machines, you risk damage. The duvet insert could shrink or tear in the machine due to there being a lack of space. If this is the case, you may need to buy a new duvet insert.

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