Dry Cleaning

  • Does Parkers Cleaners clean UGG boots?

    Yes Parkers offers cleaning services for all styles of suede UGG boots.

  • How long does it take to have my UGG boots cleaned?

    In order to ensure that your UGG boots come out looking the best possible, we ask for approximately 2 weeks to complete the cleaning cycle. This will give us time to re-clean your boots if necessary.

  • What if I need my UGG boots back quicker?

    Depending on the condition of your UGG boots when they come in, it is possible to have them returned quicker. When dropping your UGG boots off at any of our locations, simply ask the staff to please place a rush on them. Please allow a minimum of 4-5 business days.

  • Is it okay to leave my garments in the plastic from the dry cleaners? When storing my garments for the winter is it okay for me to leave them in the plastic?

    We do not recommend storing any garments in plastic bags for an extended period of time, as it will inhibit the garments’ ability to breathe. We recommend that you remove the plastic when you get home from the cleaners, but leave the paper dust cover intact, as it will protect the newly cleaned garments.

  • Are there additional charges for either same day or 2hr cleaning services?

    No, we do not charge additional fees for same day or 2hr dry cleaning.

  • Does Parkers Custom Clothing Care offer quick dry cleaning services?

    All of our locations offer same day service Monday – Saturday provided that your garments are dropped off at the store by 9 a.m. and same day turnaround is requested. In a rush? Our 3125 Yonge Street location, just north of Lawrence, offers 2-hour dry cleaning services provided that you drop your garments off prior to 2 p.m.

  • When can I expect my cleaning to be ready?

    Parkers Custom Clothing Care would prefer 2 business days for cleaning your garments. This allows us to thoroughly inspect and reclean any garments that need extra care and also gives us time to pay extra attention to the small details like buttons and loose hems. Parkers Custom Clothing Care offers FREE minor repairs on all items with split or torn seams smaller than 1 ½ inches. Buttons are carefully checked and replaced if cracked or missing. Tailors are available to fix or mend any garment that needs more attention. If an item has been promised for same day service, we will be in touch to see if extra time may be given for the items that require further care.

  • How do I get a personalized bag for my dry cleaning and laundered shirts?

    All pickup and delivery customers automatically receive 2 personalized “Time Saver” laundry bags for their garments. Each “Time Saver” bag has an ID tag with customer name, address, phone number and preference for laundered shirts.

    Customers using our store locations simply have to ask our staff for their “Time Saver” bags and we will be happy to provide 2 personalized bags.

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