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How to Clean Your Luxury Bathrobe

June 14, 2022

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There’s a reason that people try to steal bathrobes from high-end hotel rooms. Fewer other items of clothing offer a more comfortable and comforting feeling of quality than a luxury bathrobe. And, whether they always had one, or discovered them in the hotel room, those who have invested in premium bathrobes want them to last forever.

Except, like most quality clothing, from silk blouses to fine suits, improper bathrobe cleaning techniques can cause problems. In addition to potentially reducing the lifespan of the robe, it can compromise your experience of it.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Luxury Bathrobe

As with all clothing items, be sure to carefully follow the cleaning instructions that came with your robe. That said, the following tips will also help you enjoy the full pleasure of your robe for as long as possible.

1.  Try to Minimize Washing

Even if your robe’s washing instructions say that machine washing is OK, that doesn’t mean machine washing isn’t harmful to your robe over time. So the fewer the washes, the longer the robe will last. It can even make sense, if you’ve found a robe you absolutely love, to invest in one or two more, so you have to wash each one less. Another way to minimize washes is to spot treat stains or marks as soon as you notice them.

2. Pretreat Stains

Pretreating stains will let you use a gentler cycle in the wash.

3. Choose the Right Washing & Drying Cycle for the Material

Of course, different materials have different washing requirements. Cotton and polyester (most polyester, some blends must be dry cleaned – check the cleaning instructions) robes are machine washable, but make sure to follow the instructions. To keep your cotton fluffy, use only half the usual amount of detergent and choose the extra rinse function. Unlike more delicate satin garments, you usually machine wash a satin robe — but use only cold water. Silk robes are still best washed by hand. Washing your robes inside-out will help reduce fading.

4. Drying

Tumble dry all robes you machine wash on low heat.

5. Call Parker’s

Why risk ruining your favourite robe? We will pick them up and return them for free, expertly clean them safely and thoroughly, and give them all the care they deserve.

If you found this post helpful, learn more about cleaning some of other favourite items in our article 5 Tips for Scarf Cleaning & Blanket Cleaning.



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