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Inspired by: Suede

April 15, 2019

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As long as you pay attention to the weather, this is the perfect season to get into suede! Sure, you’ll want to keep your suede garments out of the drizzle as much as possible (more on how to care for suede in a little bit), but suede pieces are soft and supple, cozy, and oh so stylish.

The first few items that come to mind when you think of suede are probably (blue) suede shoes, suede boots, or a cool suede jacket, but suede offers so many more styling options! Go 70’s retro in a suede slip dress. Embrace your inner hippy with a bit of fringe and tassel on a suede jacket. Get girly and cute in an A-line suede mini. Look classy in a crisp white tee or button down with a suede blazer layered overtop. A suede pencil skirt makes a great date night outfit. You can even accessorize with suede: there are bags and purses, of course, but how about a suede hat or some fringed earrings?

Suede garments will often come in shades of brown, like tan, camel, caramel, chocolate, or cognac, but if those earthy tones aren’t your aesthetic, there’s a whole world of bolder colour options out there. Look for pieces in indigo blue, turquoise, brick red, burgundy, purple, or simply sleek black to complement your wardrobe.

You may be surprised to know that this favourite fabric travels well through the seasons, too. Vests and jackets make awesome layering pieces to get you through the chill of a summer evening or to make a summer dress fall-worthy, pair it with tights and (suede, obviously) ankle boots.

We’ll dig into suede care tips a little further down, but first, check out inspiration from some of our favourite looks styled with suede pieces and details right here:


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How to care for suede

Suede can be a bit of a tricky beast, especially when it comes to water, but with the right care and protection, your favourite suede items can last a lifetime! We always suggest bringing suede to professional cleaners because these are usually investment pieces and you don’t want to risk wrecking them, but if you notice a small bit of dirt on your pants or you spill water on your sleeve, here are a few simple ways to care for suede at home:

– For dirt or dust stains, make sure they’re completely dry before using a bristled brush (made for suede) to touch up the affected area. Always use a gentle touch.

– Get your suede caught in the rain? Blot with a paper towel as soon as possible. Don’t let it dry without blotting, if you can help it. Keep pressing until it’s as close to dry as you can get it. Let your garment sit until it’s completely dry, then use a suede brush to gently brush it back into its original state.

– If it’s a localized spill instead of wet all over, a light misting of water overall can sometimes help neutralize the outline of the spill and any staining will be much less apparent. Use the same blotting method we listed above, let dry fully, then brush with a specialized brush for suede. Be super careful with this technique.

When to call in a professional

If you’re not feeling confident in your at-home care or if your garment is delicate, vintage, or has set-in stains and other damage, the time has come to contact your local Parkers location. We specialize in suede and leather care, so even if the issue seems dramatic, we’ve probably seen way worse before.

Also, if you’re sourcing your suede garments from vintage shops, it’s not unusual to find an amazing piece that’s been a little too well-loved over time. For fixes and alterations in those cases, our leather specialists are here for you.

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