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Spring Cleaning – 3 Things to Do

February 4, 2021

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Spring Cleaning  – 3 Things to Do

It’s still a little ways off, but hopefully, it will be here soon. Springtime always signifies a welcome end to the long winter months. 

Well, at least for as long as it takes for you to realize it also means spring cleaning time. 

Suddenly, everywhere you turn; from your shower curtain to kitchen cabinets and even your washing machine itself, everything needs cleaning and/or reorganizing. 

But fear not. We are cleaning professionals. We have your back with the following spring cleaning checklist and cleaning tips to get you started early this year.

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Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List 

Of course, spring cleaning knows no bounds. It can include everything inside or outside your home, from the attic to the backyard. The following tips are designed to help you with a few particulars that will make all your spring cleaning a little more rewarding and easier to do.

  1. Stock Up of Cleaning Products & Cleaning Supplies – There’s nothing worse than getting all set to tackle your spring cleaning, and you don’t have the cleaners or supplies you need.

    A full list of what you need might be almost endless, so here’s a shortlist of things people most often need to make last-minute trips for:

    1. Microfiber Cloths – They can make tough cleaning situations easier
    2. Baking Soda – You’ll be surprised at the number of cleaning chores you can accomplish with it.
    3. All-Purpose Cleaner – Just in case you don’t want to buy all the different specialty cleaners
    4. A Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool – It can clean in places where you’ve never gone before. 
  2. Clean Your Clothes – Wait? What? But you do the laundry every week. Why would cleaning your clothes be on a spring cleaning list? Well, when’s the last time you cleaned your spring and summer clothes? And this year, you might need to get your work wardrobe back into shape. 
  3. Spring Clean Your Bed Linens –  Again, you may be switching over to summer blankets and other linens that have been in the closet for months. With clean sheets and pillowcases, at least your bedroom will feel fresh, even if you don’t do any other rooms on your list.

If doing all the spring cleaning is a bit too much for you, why not take advantage of Parkers’ In-Home Cleaning service? Imagine getting your carpets, drapes and upholstery springtime fresh without actually doing any cleaning!

Want one more spring cleaning tip that you probably haven’t thought about? Check out our article “How to Clean Your Baseball Cap & Keep it Looking Just Right”.

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