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Dust off your Jays hat!

April 24, 2015

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Living in Toronto can be a bit interesting, weather-wise. You know what we mean, right? One day, the skies are blue and you’re sure that this time, spring really has sprung. Then suddenly, you wake up and walk outdoors, ready to breath in the fresh air and are faced with flakes falling from the sky. So, it’s a good thing that seasons are not only marked by dates on a calendar. Of course, we all know the official first day of spring, but you know as well as we do that there are so many other markers that tell us that the transition into spring is happening in Toronto.

One of our biggest indicators that spring is here in the GTA is the beginning of baseball season! We love throwing our ball caps on and heading to a Blue Jays game. And even though we may at times still be bracing ourselves against what feels like winter wind, we know that with the arrival of baseball comes our true spring.

Know what that means?! It’s time that we make sure those Blue Jays caps are looking their best! Which, if you’re like some of us, you know they aren’t.

After wearing or playing in our caps for entire seasons, many of us just put them on the shelf until next year – letting all the oils and dirt sink deep into the material. But we understand. You don’t want to throw your favourite ball cap into the wash only to find out that it has been ruined –  and right before a big game.

Well, here at Parkers we actually specialize in hat cleaning, as well as our regular dry cleaning services. You know that old hat smell? The one that you try to ignore because you’re afraid your hat will shrink or lose shape if you clean it? You don’t have to smell it anymore! Our Solvair cleaning system will have you saying “Goodbye!” to bad odour and as there is no heat involved, there’s no risk of shrinking or losing shape.

(Pssst! We promise to give your hats our same great Parkers care even if they have a team we’re not fond of on them.)

Like always, feel free to stop by any of our six dry cleaning locations to drop off your baseball caps or other hats you may feel need a spring spruce-up – or, if you are running short on time, schedule a pick-up through any of our locations and we will come to you!

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