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When you use our Luxury Cleaner services, you’ll experience a refreshed and repaired designer garment that looks just as great as when you first purchased it. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind couture bag, handmade Italian leather dress shoes, or the finest wool suit, let our expert team at Parker’s Dry Cleaners give it the custom cleaning care it needs.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when using our professional cleaning care:

Designer Shirts

Special care and attention is paid to sleeves, plackets, & pockets. Collars and cuffs are immaculately hand-pressed. We ensure buttons & collar stays are never missing.

Quality Suits

Designer suits are Individually hand-pressed to perfection with all inner linings in seamless shape. Suit coat lapels are properly rolled with the arms carefully stuffed using tissue paper to prevent unwanted folds. No shine or imprints will ever be left on the pockets, even on the darkest of suits.

Fine Pants

Immaculately hand pressed to ensure all linings and inner seams are wrinkle-free and completely renewed.

Ball Gowns & Dresses

Elegant and meticulous care is paid to designer label evening dresses, ball gowns, and gala formal wear. Floor-length gowns are protected in special garment bags with an extra enclosure at the bottom.

Sequins & Embellishments

Delicate sequins, intricate beading, and ornate buttons are carefully tested prior to professional cleaning to ensure they remain in optimal condition for excellent results.

Silk Garments & Blouses

Fine silk garments are pressed by hand using a silk finishing board to ensure no shine or imprint is left behind. We use innovative equipment specially designed for delicate garments to carefully press premium blouses. Tissue paper and body forms are used to subtly shape the shoulders and bust line.

Designer Sneaker Cleaning Available


Is Pick-Up & Delivery Dry Cleaning available for Luxury Cleaner services?

Yes! We offer NO CONTACT pick-up & delivery on luxury cleaning services. See our pick-up & delivery page for an updated schedule.

When can I expect my cleaning to be ready?

Your luxury items will be ready in 2 – 3 business days.

How often should I dry clean my clothes?

Garments that are soiled or affected by perfume, deodorant, perspiration or salt stains should be taken to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. Stains left for longer periods of time are more difficult to remove. During normal wear, clothes are exposed to air pollution and grit, which weakens the fibres of your garments.

Light coloured garments, silks and linens should be cleaned after each wear as they tend to be more vulnerable to dirt and perspiration stains.

Always have your garments dry cleaned before storing them at the end of a season.

Does Parkers Custom Clothing Care offer Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation? What is the process?

Yes. As proud members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists we are licensed to use the safest and most effective methods developed for cleaning and preserving your wedding gown.

All gowns are carefully inspected prior to cleaning for any damage, stains, special cleaning instructions and loose or missing beads. Our highly trained specialists will then decide which method of cleaning is best for the dress.

After the gown has been cleaned we will contact you to come in and inspect the gown. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, your gown will then be preserved in an acid free box with acid free tissue paper to protect each fold in the gown. Your wedding gown will be returned wrapped in a muslin cover.

How do I get a personalized bag for my dry cleaning and laundered shirts?

All pickup and delivery customers automatically receive 2 personalized “Time Saver” laundry bags for their garments. Each “Time Saver” bag has an ID tag with customer name, address, phone number and preference for laundered shirts.

Customers using our store locations simply have to ask our staff for their “Time Saver” bags and we will be happy to provide 2 personalized bags.

"Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing in-home alterations over the past few months. My Chanel dress looks brand new! Please thank your seamstress Fernanda for her perfect workmanship!! You're the best!"
- CB

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