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Why do you use a professional dry cleaning service like Parkers? Because you want to look your best, wear neat, clean clothes and help them last as long as possible.

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So when’s the last time you used professional shoe cleaning services?

Whether you’ve never had your shoes cleaned, you give them an occasional polish, or you only think of cleaning them if they are stained or marked, it’s time to show your shoes some real love. The same love and care you show your other clothing.

It’s time for Parkers’ professional shoe cleaning services

So what type of women’s and men’s shoes and footwear do we clean? Here’s just a partial list.

Dress Shoes

Suede, leather, satin, wedding shoes

Boot Cleaning

Uggs, ski boots, winter boots, work boots, knee-highs, thigh-highs, cowboy boots

Sports Shoes

Golf shoes, trainers, hiking boots, cycling shoes

Casual Shoes

Slip-ons, Converse, boat shoes, canvas shoes

Designer Shoe Cleaning

Regardless of the brand – Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach – you made an investment in designer shoes for a reason. You want to know you are wearing the best shoes money can buy; you want to live up to the standards you set for yourself; and you want to look and feel like no other shoe makes you look and feel.

Sneaker Cleaning

Have you ever loved a pair of sneakers so much, you wanted them to last forever? Except, almost from the moment you started wearing them, they began to look dirty, worn and dull. Then you throw them in the washer. Big mistake. They never feel the same again and they will wear out faster than ever (and you might damage your washing machine!). 


Can you pick up my dirty sneakers or shoes?

Yes, we can come to pick up your shoes, bring them to our facilities for expert cleaning and deliver them back to you. All for no extra charge.

Online Ordering – Free Delivery & Pick-up

If one of the reasons that you’ve never had your shoes cleaned is that you don’t remember to take them to the cleaners, Parkers will come to you. Order your shoe cleaning, or any of our other specialized custom cleaning services, online and we’ll pick up your items, bring them to our facilities for expert cleaning, and deliver them to you. All for no extra charge.
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