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Cover Up and Stand Out!

July 10, 2015

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When it comes to sun safety, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say a version of: “Be careful! It’s not the same sun we had when we were kids.” I mean, technically it is, but in a less-than-technical way, they’re right, you know. UV rays are getting stronger. I only last about half the time outside I used to 10 years ago before burning. Anyone else in that banana boat with me? (I couldn’t resist a little sunscreen humour) However, I’m not so sure I’m ready to pack in my beach towel quite yet, especially considering what we have to endure to get to this sunny side of the street!

Now, here comes the hard part: how do we stay sun-smart while still enjoying the few months of sunny bliss we’re blessed with in the GTA?

Sunscreen for starts – but you already knew that! Our second suggestion is even easier, in fact. Throwing on a cover-up before hitting the beach will help keep you looking fantastic while keeping your skin safe. Of course a cover-up is not a fool proof plan – nothing is going to keep you 100% out of the sun – but we think that a cover-up is a great way to add a bit of flair to your beachwear while keeping that burn at bay.

Here are our favourites right now:



Style Caster



Divine Caroline


South Beach Swimsuits


Free People


Could I Have That?




What are your favourite ways to cover up and keep cool during the summer? We prefer natural blends when it comes to our summer wear, steering pretty clear of synthetic fabrics like polyester. As much as we love the breezy, soft nature of cotton and linen while relaxing at the beach, we don’t love how quickly organic materials can discolour with our sweat. If you find your whites looking a little dingy over the next few months, get in touch with us. As clothing care specialists, we have the expertise needed to keep your garments their cleanest.  

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