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How many times a day do you walk on your carpets or area rugs?

June 22, 2011

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Carpets have many purposes.

Some are used to decorate a room, some are used to cover hardwood floors keeping them warm, and others are used to “wipe your feet”.

While vacuuming your area rugs weekly will help keep out the dust, and dirt your rugs should be deep cleaned every few months.

Deep cleaning your area rugs and carpets will help remove set in stains and ground in dirt.

Parkers Cleaners offers area rug and carpet cleaning. All of our cleaning systems are safe for children and pets.

Rugs and carpets may be dropped off at any of our locations, or arrangements can be made for free pickup and delivery.

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With Parkers free pickup and delivery service, you can enjoy the convenience of dry cleaning at your fingertips. Simply schedule your pickup online or by phone, and we’ll handle the rest.

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