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How To Care For Linen Clothing

September 5, 2023

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Linen is a fabric that often brings back memories of summer, beaches, and casual evenings out. It’s one of the most used materials because of its comfort and elegant aesthetics, especially during warm weather. The refreshing coolness it offers due to its moisture-wicking properties is unmatched.

But with all the qualities, linen also brings along its challenges.

The Challenge with Linen Clothing

The same breathable flax fibres that keep you cool in the heat are why your beloved linen dress or shirt might look like it’s been through a wrestling match full of wrinkles.

How To Care For Linen Clothing

Machine-Washing Linen

Contrary to the myth, not all linen is delicate. Many pieces can withstand machine wash.

However, before you throw your linen garment into the washing machine, it’s paramount to check the manufacturer’s care label. Some linens, especially those blended with cotton or rayon, may have unique care instructions.

If you’re given the green light for machine-washing, always use the delicate cycle with cold water. For the longevity of your linen pieces, it is recommended to hand-wash linens in cold water.

Whichever method you choose, use a mild detergent meant for delicate fabrics. And remember, new linen dyes might bleed, so always separate your whites and colours.

Hand-Washing Linen

Hand-washing linen is relatively straightforward. You only need a clean sink, cool water, and mild detergent. Once you’ve washed the garment, rinse it thoroughly until all soap residues are gone.

Stain Removal Tips

Life happens, and sometimes life involves spills.

For minor stains, I suggest wetting a clean white towel with water and a mild detergent and trying to blot the stain, after testing for colour fastness.

Never use bleach on linen. If you need clarification on a stain, seek professional advice or services.

Drying Linen

The golden rule for linen is to let it air dry. Lay it flat on a drying rack or hang it on a padded hanger.

If you’re pressed for time, you can tumble dry on low for five minutes to ease the wrinkles. But avoid wringing your linen. Instead, roll it in a towel to gently remove excess moisture.

For those who enjoy the convenience of dry cleaning but prefer to do it at home, there are linen-friendly at-home dry cleaning products. It’s a great way to save time on ironing.

Ironing Linen

The trick to ironing linen and achieving that freshly-pressed look involves a combination of moisture and heat. Iron your garment when it’s still slightly damp. If it is dry, use a steam iron or spritz some water on it. To give your linen clothes a pristine finish, use a light-sizing spray that lends a gentle body to the fabric and resists wrinkles longer.

Everyday Tips for Wearing Linen

If you’re wearing a linen jacket, take it off during drives or prolonged sitting periods. Gently lift linen pants from the knees when sitting to reduce wrinkles. And between washes or dry cleaning, iron out wrinkles and refresh your linen with a fabric refresher.

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