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Once upon a wedding venue

June 22, 2016

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Someone once told me that the best place to start your wedding planning is with a venue. They said that once I had chosen a venue, everything else would fall into place because every other decision would be made through the lens of the setting. I’m not sure whether or not we 100% agree with this at Parkers (we think starting with the dress could do the same thing, but we’re biased), but it certainly does feel logical. You might not want to wear a ballgown for beach nuptials, just like you might not have your dog as a ring bearer if you’re getting married in a cathedral.

Fitting with the overall feel of a venue is one thing to keep in mind, but there are actually quite a few venue-related considerations when planning your wedding attire. From our experience as the ones dry cleaning tuxedos and preserving wedding gowns after the big day, here are some tips for choosing venue-friendly wedding attire.


Indoor or outdoor aren’t the only factors when thinking about whether you’ll find your husband-to-be sweating it out in a 5-piece tux. Visit your venue and pay attention to the temperature. If it feels too hot or too cold, find out if you can adjust the temperature on the day of (and then let your point person know). This could be especially important if you’re getting married in a large church and it’s chilly in there. You don’t want to shiver in a strapless dress while saying your vows.

Level of Formality

Stepping back and considering whether your venue is at a level of formality you’re comfortable with will serve you well as you make the rest of your wedding arrangements. If it has always been your dream to wear a full tulle skirt, think about choosing a venue that will provide the perfect backdrop rather than make it look like you’re overdressed. The bride and groom will always look fancier than everyone and everything around them, but why not get married in a venue that will add an exclamation point to your elegance? Alternatively, choosing a casual or playful dress might make you feel underdressed in a giant ballroom, which is certainly not how you want to feel on your wedding day.


Do you need to walk up or down a flight of stairs in front of all of your guests? Is the aisle narrow? These are the kinds of logistics to jot down when visiting your venue so that you can plan well. Uneven pavement plus stilettos equals a nervous bride. I remember going to a wedding once where the bride’s gown was a little too long and she was walking across pavement. It kept catching on the cement and all we could hear was the sound of fabric ripping as she came down the aisle.


I’m just going to come right out and say it: you don’t want to clash with your surroundings. This seems straightforward, but you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to book a venue and then forget that there is a crimson carpet running down the aisle and you’ve chosen a greenery heavy bouquet. You probably weren’t planning on a Christmas themed wedding!

When you’re choosing your venue, our big tip is to take a quick 360° video with your phone. Not only will it save you when you can’t remember exactly what colour the walls are, but it will also be a nice memory of your wedding planning.

All of this talk about wedding gowns and venues has us itching to see some gowns that are just as elegant as the settings they’re photographed in. Here are a couple of our favourites. Oh, before you go, don’t forget that we are wedding gown cleaning and preservation experts. If you need any information about how to care for a wedding gown after the big day, you can find it at

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