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Waterproof Wear

February 29, 2016

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Temperatures weren’t exactly the friendliest in February, were they? Life with layers is fine for a while, but there comes a time when we need to break free from our wooly cocoons and look forward to warmer days ahead. That being said, sometimes those warmer days are still not entirely dry days and rather than breaking free, we’re really just exchanging cocoons for something less down-filled and more waterproof.

Staying dry is equal to staying warm and every parent in the GTA knows that these two elements are crucial to staying sane through the winter – and subsequently, the spring. Whether you live in the city centre and need to shake off some cabin fever with your littles, or you live in the suburbs with a yard to play in, the idea is the same. After many days playing inside, both kids and adults need to get out, rain or shine!

Besides, who doesn’t love a good puddle jump?

Thank the heavens above that there are oh-so-many ways to keep the kids dry and warm while looking pretty darn charming at the same time. With the proper attire, they can run off some of that bundled up energy and you don’t have to worry about whether they’re coming home with a sniffle. There are classic rain jackets, the kind you probably remember wearing as a kid. There are classics, with a bit of a twist, and there are even coord rain sets (we are already wondering where the adult versions are!).

Spring up north can seem grey enough some days, but these bright numbers are filling us with, dare we say it, excitement for the days to come!



What are your rainy day secrets? Do you stay entertained inside or do you prefer to venture outside and brave the elements? Tweet your best outdoor shots to @ParkersCleaners.

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