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What To Wear: Elopement

July 30, 2015

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Weddings are one of our favourite things to share on the blog – in case you hadn’t really noticed yet! As clothing care professionals and fashion enthusiasts, the wonderful world of bridal fashion continues to catch our eye throughout each new season. We’ve seen, and then quickly shared, it all: dresses full of tulle, dresses covered in lace, dresses that are floor length and dresses that are tea length. We’ve shared pink dresses, boho dresses, and long-sleeved dresses, and yet we realized recently that the one style of dress we have neglected to share with you is for an elopement!

Ok, ok. So, there isn’t really one particular style of dress that you should elope in. In fact, we have brides coming in all of the time with sand in their lace gowns or dirt on the hems of their ball gowns. These days, the rules have gone out the window when it comes to what to wear and where to wear it.

That said, there is a certain look that springs to mind when we think of a traditional elopement. Imagine with us for a moment: you and your love have decided to forgo the big ceremony and instead head downtown this weekend to say “I do!”. You don’t have much time for dress shopping, so to maintain spontaneity, less will have to be more. This is the dress we are thinking of. It is understated in its elegance, but lacking nothing in style. Easy to slip into a cab and head down to the courthouse in, but just as easy to pack onto a plane with you if Paris is more up your alley.

Rather than continue to wax poetic about what this looks like in our heads, we’ve gathered a few photos that better show off the style we are talking about.









Percy Handmade


Nordstrom Blog


And, because there are truthfully just no rules: a floor-length dress, too good not to share…


London Bride


While we love the traditional elopement dress, in all its less-is-more glory, there are so many beautiful looks for a bride to choose and we believe in making sure each look stays that way for a long time. This is why we use the best, and safest, dry cleaning techniques available when preserving your wedding gown. So, after you say “I do”, let us do the rest and keep your dress in pristine condition for years to come.

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