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Why Wedding Dress Preservation Is Important

October 18, 2022

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Your wedding will probably be one of the best days of your life. However, chances are you will only wear your wedding dress on your wedding day and never again. You may keep it in your closet to remember the special day or place it back in the box. But, if you preserve your wedding dress, you can pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter for their wedding.

Typically, wedding dress preservation is done by using acid free tissue and an acid free box. It is inspected when it first arrives to check for stains and any tears. These can be repaired before preserving the dress so it will be in ideal condition when you open it up in the future. It is also carefully folded using the tissue to prevent any folds from becoming permanent once it is in the box. If the bride wants to open up the box, which is recommended to let it air, it is possible to do so as the box is not permanently sealed. There will also be gloves given to the bride so she can handle the dress without getting oils or bacteria on it.

Keep reading to find out why wedding dress preservation is so important.

Prevent Fading Or Yellowing

Over time, your wedding dress will collect moisture or dust. This can end up fading its colour and turning it yellow. Wedding dress preservation involves fabric treatment that will prevent the colours or fabric from fading or yellowing. This way, you can ensure your wedding dress will be in good condition if you want to pass it along.

Prevent Stitching From Wearing

When you bought your wedding dress, you probably had to go for multiple fittings so it would fit you like a glove. They are tailored to fit and compliment your figure and your figure only. During the tailoring, your seamstress has to make multiple tiny stitches to the dress, fixing any sequins, crystals, lace, or ribbon. Without preservation, it is easy for these tiny stitches to wear over time and even fall out.

Prevent Creases and Folds

If you keep your wedding dress hidden in your closet or in a box, creases and folds will develop. They can be extremely difficult to remove without professional steaming or ironing. And, you may have to go to a professional more than once. Although wedding dress preservation won’t prevent any creases or folds from developing, it will make it much easier for them to be removed.

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