April 13, 2017 | Tips & Style

How to Clean a Hat

The sun is out and that means that our hats are ready to take to the streets! Floppy brimmed, fedoras, or ball caps, we love them all. Basically, we’re pretending that it didn’t snow last week and are heading into the spring with gusto. We might need to put on a few more layers, but that sure won’t hurt us.

So, in celebration of spring hats, we’re bringing you our three favourite hats for this year. They’re all timeless staples in our closets and should be in yours, but the thing about fashion staples is that they require the most attention to keep them looking fresh. Hats are a hard one because so much can go wrong when cleaning a hat, which is why even the most confident at-home hand washer can get nervous with hats. After all, the shape of the hat is likely the reason you bought it and continue to throw it on time and time again as you head out the door.  You wouldn’t want to ruin that shape, but you also don’t really want to feel like you’re wearing an old rag on your head.

Yes, that’s right. On your head. In fact, many people (we’re included on this list) will toss on a hat to hide unwashed hair, giving you one more reason to give that hat a cleaning. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Parkers Custom Clothing Care offers hat cleaning services in the GTA and will gladly take care of even your most precious hats (like that one you were wearing during the Bautista bat flip).

Now, onto our favourite hats!

Everyone needs some form of a fedora. This lightweight companion is perfect for traveling or for a Saturday brunch date.

If you plan on spending any time in the sun, invest in a floppy brimmed hat. You, and your skin 20 years from now, will thank us.

We’ll always vote for a Jays cap, but any ball cap is a fun addition to a casual outfit in the spring. It’s our go-to choice for running errands, hanging in the park, or an after dinner stroll.

How do you clean a hat?

At Parkers Custom Clothing Care, we have a unique process when it comes to cleaning hats. Maintaining shape is of the utmost importance, so we avoid heat at all costs. To do this, we use a process called the Solvair® Cleaning System, which is an eco-friendly way to thoroughly clean delicate garments like hats, removing all dirt and odours, while maintaining the hat’s shape. We use no heat in drying either, so you can be certain that your carefully worked-in ball cap will stay exactly as you left it.

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