October 28, 2019 | Tips & Style

The Best Way To Deep Clean All The Blinds In Your House

It’s that time of year again. That time when the sun’s always low in the sky, beaming through the dirty windows you forgot to wash last summer. But, no problem, just pull your blinds. Except, yikes, now you have another problem: dirty blinds. Not to fret, here’s some tips on how you can deep clean blinds in your home. 

Tips To Clean All The Blinds In Your House

How to Deep Clean Blinds

Depending on the type of blinds you have, including horizontal or vertical blinds, the following guide will help you keep them looking great.

Aluminum, Vinyl and Faux Wood Blinds – You’re in luck if your blinds are made of any of these materials because they’re the easiest to clean. If you clean your blinds regularly, you may be able to get away with using your vacuum cleaner, set on low with the soft brush attachment, to suck up the dust. Close the blinds about three-quarters of the way first, vacuum the tops of each shutter, then open the blinds about three-quarters of the way and vacuum the bottom of each shutter.

When cleaning your blinds, always start at the top of the blind and work your way down. If the blinds are still dusty after vacuuming, use a feather duster or a woolen sock on your hand to wipe away the dust from the top and bottom of the shutters.

For stubborn marks and stains, mix a few drops of dish soap in warm water. Dampen a microfibre cloth in the solution. While holding the bottom rail of the blinds to keep them steady, wipe the top and bottom of each shutter.

Wooden Blinds – Again, you may be able to get away with using your vacuum cleaner to get just the dust. But you’ll need a good quality furniture polish to deep clean wood blinds. Spray the polish onto a soft cloth or sock to avoid getting the polish on the pull strings of the blind, or the window behind them.

Fabric Blinds – You can vacuum easy-to-get dust and dirt from fabric blinds too, but be extra gentle with the pressure you put on the attachment. Vacuuming fabric blinds should be done with extra care to make sure you don’t damage the fabric or cause any pulls to the fibres. If you need to wash your fabric blinds, it’s recommended to have them cleaned professionally in order to avoid any warping of the fabric.

But Why Clean the Blinds Yourself? Let us do them for you! Not satisfied with being Toronto’s favourite dry cleaning service, we now bring our house cleaning expertise to you with our In-Home Cleaning Service. So let us expertly clean your blinds, drapes, carpets and upholstery right in your home. 

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