May 1, 2020 | Tips & Style

It’s Time to Put Your Winter Coat Away

Yes, it’s safe now. No more winter storms to bundle up against. It’s time to put away your winter coat. But whether you prefer a top-of-the-line Canada Goose parka, or something a little more anonymous, you shouldn’t just tear it off, throw it in a corner, and leap outside just because it isn’t -30 degrees outside.

Whatever coat you own, it will last longer, keep you warmer, and look better year after year if you put it away properly. In other words, how you store a Canada Goose jacket or any other winter coat, is as important as anything for increasing the amount of enjoyment and use you get from it. 

It's Time to Put Your Winter Coat Away

5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Coat

Your coat has a tough job to keep you warm all winter. The least you can do is be kind to your coat when it comes time to put it away for the summer.

  1. Get it as Clean as Possible – If left uncleaned for the entire summer stains can set in while dust and dirt wear away at the fabric. You should dry clean your coat as thoroughly as possible before putting it away. The winter jackets and coats specialists at Parkers know how to match the best cleaning process to your coat’s material, inspect the coat for stains or damage, and get rid of all of winter’s salt, dirt and grime.
  2. Remove the Fur – If possible, remove the fur and fur trim from your coat before you store it. Hang the fur, instead of lying it down on a shelf, so the hairs don’t get crushed.
  3. Use A Wood Hanger – Wire just won’t do here. A wide wood hanger not only avoids stretching the fabric like a wire hanger does, but it keeps the inside of the coat more open so air can circulate to keep it fresh.
  4. Give it Space – This one might be tricky if you’re in an urban space. But make sure your coat has enough space around it to hang freely and not be cramped (which can cause wrinkles).

    If you simply have no space to let it hang freely, do this next Autumn before you wear your jacket for the first time. Remove the fur and tumble-dry the coat on low heat with two clean tennis balls. That fluffs the down in the jacket to make it like new again.
  5. Store it in a Breathable Garment Bag – Odours start when airflow stops. A breathable bag keeps the air flowing so your coat will smell fresher when the snow flies next winter.


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