December 9, 2019 | Tips & Style

The Art of Flying With Your Wedding Dress

If there’s a more popular wedding trend than destination weddings, we don’t know about it. And deservedly so. What can be more special than to celebrate your marriage in a beautiful, unique, far-away place?

But deciding to have a destination wedding is the easy part. The logistics of planning a destination wedding, not so much. And, even if you have the most detailed to-do list ever, chances are that planning to fly with your wedding dress isn’t one of the items on it, or at least it’s way down the list.  

flying with a wedding dress

4 Tips for Travelling With Your Wedding Dress

Of course, your wedding dress is the main focus of the entire ceremony. So, if you need to travel with your wedding dress for the wedding, you need to start planning sooner than later. At least if you want to avoid any unpleasant, last-minute surprises.

1. Get a Destination Wedding Kit – One of the best ways to pack your wedding dress is in a destination wedding kit from Parkers Dry Cleaners.  The kit includes acid-free paper to wrap around the dress, a sturdy box to protect the dress, and even a stain removal stick for any day-of emergencies. Best of all, the box fits neatly into the overhead bin on the plane, so it won’t take up much space.

2. Call the Airline – Different airlines and different airplanes can handle your dress in different ways. Call your airline, or tell your travel agent that you’ll be flying with your dress. It’s the best way to know how you will need to pack your wedding dress for the trip.

3. Talk to the Ticket Agent and Flight Attendants – Sometimes overhead bin space is at a premium on airplanes. When you arrive at your boarding gate – and arriving early won’t hurt – tell the agent at the desk that you’re travelling with your wedding dress. When you board the plane, let the flight attendants know what you’re carrying. You never know when you’ll need their help to find a special spot for the dress.

4. Pack a Portable Steamer – You might not need it, especially if you use the destination wedding kit. But you’ll be happy you have it if there’s even the slightest wrinkle. And you can use it for all your other wedding attire.

Every bride is concerned about the care and protection of her wedding dress. And that shouldn’t stop once the ceremony is over. It’s best to have your wedding gown cleaned as soon as possible after your ceremony so stains don’t have time to set and/or oxidize.

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