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A Compliment From an “Overly Fussy Client”

April 27, 2022

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When you’re in a service business like ours — dry cleaning and clothing care — repeat customers are particularly appreciated. A repeat customer means we get more business from them, which is always a good thing.

But it goes way beyond that here at Parkers. For us, a repeat customer means we did our work well; we met or exceeded the customer’s expectations, and we provided them with value enough that they chose to use us again.

Fortunately, we have many repeat customers. And they have reached out on several occasions to tell us how much they appreciate our work.

But few take the time that one customer recently did to tell us in detail why he appreciate Parkers. Even better, while the customer’s message of appreciation was mainly about one of our services, tablecloths and napkins, it also called out our staff, including one in particular.

A Note of Thanks

Tablecloths and napkins are just one of the specialty care services we offer. Among the others are more ‘typical’ dry cleaning, including men’s dress shirts. And that’s where this customer first found Parkers’ services to his liking. It turns out he wore dress shirts to work every day, and regularly brought them all to Parkers for cleaning.

But then he retired. And while he came out of retirement some time later, he never went back to wearing dress shirts daily. Still, with some added time on his hands, he found himself entertaining at home more often, particularly with dinner parties. In addition to enjoying a nice, crisp shirt for his work, he liked to dress his dinner table the same way. Except he hated ironing tablecloths and napkins. So, once again, he entrusted Parkers with the responsibility of helping him look good.

“Fold and Press Them EXACTLY as I Like Them”

Unfortunately, despite including pictures of how he wanted his napkins pressed and folded, the process wasn’t done to his liking the first time he sent them to us. So, with his next cleaning order, he sent a note asking that someone from Parkers contact him so he could discuss how he wanted his napkins folded.

We’ll let the customer tell the rest of the story:

“Mary S. took up the challenge and contacted me about my order and it was a pleasure to work with her. While I am quite willing to accept the label of being an “overly fussy client…”, Mary never gave me that feeling. Her mantra was, “Tell me what you would like, and we’ll make it happen…”. At one point she even set up a call with her presser and me to ensure that they were doing the folding the way I wanted it done … and it was.

I am happy to pay a bunch of $$$ to get a product that I like … done the way I want. Ms. Mary provided that to me and I just wanted to make sure that you knew about her very professional attitude and ensuing service.

I am looking forward to Covid relaxing its hold on us so I can return to happy dinner parties … all requiring a bunch of linens coming your way for Parker’s careful treatment!

Take Care,

Peter G.

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