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How to Clean Your Baseball Cap & Keep it Looking Just Right

November 3, 2020

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Along with blue jeans and the classic white T, there’s probably no other article of clothing that offers the same combination of style and functionality as a baseball cap. We can’t think of anything else that’s equally at home on the haute couture runways of Paris and shooting hoops behind the school.

But there’s one thing we regularly do for our favourite jeans and t-shirts that we only rarely do for our favourite ball caps. Wash ‘em. How to clean your baseball cap may be the last thing on your mind.

That’s understandable too. While all our clothing is a reflection of who we are, none of it gets as unique as a ball cap. In addition to the infinite options for logos, graphics and colours, you can work yours in just how you like, with the perfect arc on the peak, or no arc at all. You can wear it forward, backward, sideways and every position in between. 

So you’re not going to mess with your hat by washing it and having it come out, well, not perfect. 

Except, if you don’t dry clean your hat regularly, it may not be around for long.  Ball caps generally fit closely to your head. That means they can make you sweat more. Damp from the sweat, dead skin cells can rub off your head and cling to the lining of your cap. And that’s not to mention the hard to remove sweat stains that remain, and other damage that sweat and skin oils can do to your hat. 

Here's how to Clean Your Baseball Cap & Keep it Looking Just Right

A Dry Cleaning Service That’s Perfect for Baseball Caps

It’s a tough situation. Your cap’s getting more ruined every time you wear it, but you think dry cleaning will ruin it. That’s why giving your favourite accessory the professional care it deserves will ensure it continues to look as good as new. 

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